Thank you for visiting the F.O.S fan site. F.O.S is a movement of artists that have come together to propel hip-hop forward. F.O.S as a group consist of Slapp Turner and Madhatter. F.O.S stands for "Futuristic Old School" and we are dedicated to a futuristic vision of the past. F.O.S is deeply rooted in Old School Hip-hop while respecting the hip-hop music and artist of today. The F.O.S Website will also be dedicated to Hip-hop news, social commentary, hip-hop blogs, graffiti artwork and most importantly hip-hop education. Thank you for visiting the F.O.S Website, please look around and purchase music and merchandise from our store. We welcome respectable commentary, so please let us know how you feel, and most importantly, leave your email so we can contact you and let you know about any new material we will be posting.  

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